* Jay Wallace (Igor) Lead Foreman, constructive engineer and logistics genius on every level. Jay is a monster when it comes to building and setting up walls that would take a football team to knock down! A strong foundation is everything in an operation like this.

* Rick Nelson (Beetlesauce) is the props manager, special effects expert and master mind behind what became known as (sick, twisted and beyond).


* Jay – Igor
* Rick – Beetlesauce
* Pat – Master of webs and witchery
* Harold – Grave digger, wicked story teller
* Sue – Morticia, Hostess of the Dead
* Anita P. – Psycho Sally
* Linda M. – Wynda, Financial Wizard
* John H. – Dr. Dead, Jack of all trades
* Linda H. – Wrangler
* John L – Puppet Master
* Terry – Lurch


Igor (Jay) at 209/768-8209
Steve at 559/908-8509